3 jours de pâques day 3 (18/04/2022)
Category: Training Forest
Map/area: Ammerschwihr - Du Galt au Kaefferkopf (East)
Organiser: Course d'orientation colmar
Country: France
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 10.16 km
Time: 104:57
Average HR: 133
Maximum HR: 169
Easy pace middle again, quite ok start not to difficult and then little direction mistake and searching to high in the valley to 5 losing some time with hesistating towards 6. Took the wrong choice to control 17 because i thought i could take the pathway at the control cirkle on the left of 17 but it wasn't possible :'( Nice training weekend with the BeArrows!
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3 jours de pâques day 3 (18/04/2022) 3 jours de pâques day 3 (18/04/2022)