City Cup Citadelpark part 1 (01/05/2022)
Category: Competition Sprint
Map/area: Citadelpark Gent
Organiser: TROL
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 2.83 km
Time: 12:55
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 168
Started of pretty bad with not looking good enough at my control description for control 1 +30" then good race untill control 9 why do we put this shit control in a sprint race? +9" :p control 12 same why just not at the wall outside the green instead of in the middle of the green ?? + 5". 13 I Had the fastest time but right would have been faster than left I guess... then I was confused of how the area around control 16 was mapped saw a lot of poles but didn't thought of it as grey area... so ran past it +13" control 17 was at the wrong tree and hidden under the tree as well like we were playing hide and seek... for part 2 press [here]
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City Cup Citadelpark part 1 (01/05/2022) City Cup Citadelpark part 1 (01/05/2022)