City Cup Citadelpark part 2 (01/05/2022)
Category: Competition Sprint
Map/area: Citadelpark Gent
Organiser: TROL
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 1.52 km
Time: 7:01
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 174
control 20 +3" because of little direction mistake in the beginning then a good part where I showed my fast legs hehe untill control 16 I am pretty sure that control was not at the right place as it was halfway the hill Instead of all the way down... so ran past it and had to come back up again... +12" some less good execution tot 27 cost me another 2" and to the finish I lost even 14" because of a lot of cars on the parking lot that I did not expect and didn't saw the yellow area so I was really confused. total estimated timeloss of 1'40" :'( Got some good feedback to work with towards WC in sweden at the end of the month. physical shape is good so lets show that in the next month with some good results :D
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City Cup Citadelpark part 2 (01/05/2022) City Cup Citadelpark part 2 (01/05/2022)