VK sprint Kessel-Lo (21/05/2022)
Category: Competition Sprint
Map/area: Kessel-Lo
Organiser: Omega
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.59 km
Time: 16:49
Average HR: 169
Maximum HR: 190
Slow start, right was shorter to 1 and 2. towards 4 left was better choice. 5 I did well cutting the corner in the grass but lost this skill suddenly towards control 7 and found it back on the second part to 8. ok race for the rest only control 19 is better if you go north instead of south I think. Legs didn't feel great after a little party yesterday but the felt good on the extra training I did afterwards so good training towards WC in a few days
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VK sprint Kessel-Lo (21/05/2022) VK sprint Kessel-Lo (21/05/2022)