Dubbelsprint Leuven Noord (2) (22/05/2022)
Category: Training Sprint
Map/area: Leuven Noord
Organiser: Omega
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.81 km
Time: 21:28
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 186
Slow start, but bad execution towards 3 not concentrated enough and the control was a bit hidden. Ran past control 8 so had to turn back. Towards 14 already went inside the first garage that was closed losing some seconds. 19 was better to run to the right. In te end I was just tired of the 3rd time climbing to the top of the wijnpers. Nice courses this weekend now full focus on WC with some nice results hopefully!
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Dubbelsprint Leuven Noord (2) (22/05/2022) Dubbelsprint Leuven Noord (2) (22/05/2022)