Sylvester day 4: Masy Zuid (29/12/2022)
Category: Competition Sprint
Map/area: Masy Zuid
Organiser: KOL
Country: Belgium
Discipline: forest
Distance: 15.5 km
Time: 99:10
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 165
Don't mind me fucking up my race towards one of the most easy controls of the race (14). Was running for 2nd/ 3rd still at control 13. Will be a nice battle for the podium tomorrow with Christophe and Wouter. Only Wouter can beat benji for the overall win I'm coming 6 points short to make a chance. Ran pretty easy after missing this control because this would definetly be my worst result so far.
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Sylvester day 4: Masy Zuid (29/12/2022) Sylvester day 4: Masy Zuid (29/12/2022)