Sylvester day 5: S(F)olterheide (30/12/2022)
Category: Competition Forest
Map/area: Solterheide
Organiser: Omega
Country: Belgium
Discipline: forest
Distance: 16.21 km
Time: 102:59
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 163
Way more green dots than where mapped at control one. Ok then just cruizing not really pushing the pace because I knew it was going to be a long stage. Doing some stupid mistakes in the green areas after this and got some branches in my eyes slowing me down , bruised my big toe as well 5 seconds after this. Overall pretty happy, made improvements in forest just need to be more confident in my own skills sometimes. Let's rock 2023
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Sylvester day 5: S(F)olterheide (30/12/2022) Sylvester day 5: S(F)olterheide (30/12/2022)