Belgian Night Champs (18/03/2023)
Category: Training Forest
Map/area: Hoge Rielen/ Rulheyde
Organiser: Trol
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Night-O
Distance: 15.24 km
Time: 86:47
Average HR: 143
Maximum HR: 164
1) +15" hesitation when I went into the forest 2) +20" fighting some green instead of running straight to the open area, wanted to play it too safe. 7) +25" hesitation when on the path as it seemed like there where more paths there... 8) +35" Blind??? 10) +20" running too long on the path and a little hesitation. 11) +5" little ankle distortion 12) +25" to much fighting and hesitation in the greeen should've just taken the path al the way to the control as it was vissible from the path. 16) +2' not the best routechoice just running past this control last 3-4 controls fell & lost my headtorch from my head so had to run with torch in my hand and try to read the map. losing almost another minute. so total timeloss of almost 5'30"
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Belgian Night Champs (18/03/2023) Belgian Night Champs (18/03/2023)