Sylvester Day 1 (26/12/2021)
Category: Competition Forest
Map/area: Lommel Sahara
Organiser: KOL
Country: Belgium
Distance: 14.31 km
Time: 86:35
Average HR: 139
Maximum HR: 160
Tried to run aggressive for first time in the forest, started with some small mistakes/ hesitations, Losing 2 min to control 7, small minute to 12, small hesitation in the circle of 21, ending the course with a big mistake of 3,5 minutes to 31 (didn't check my compass) and 1 minute to 33. Good to see that my speed in the forest is good when i'm fully focused. Now trying to work on deleting those mistakes. 3 fastest leg times @6,23 and 30
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Sylvester Day 1 (26/12/2021)