AOS Brederode lang (13/01/2022)
Category: Training Sprint
Map/area: Brederode
Organiser: Antwerp Orienteers
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 5.21 km
Time: 20:06
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 174
First sprint training of the year, first stop for a red light between 2-3, then really slow in the park area with shit runability and visibility with all the fog. Maybe 9-10 was little bit shorter/faster south. less optimal routechoice to 11 as we tested later that right route was 3-4 seconds faster, the rest of the course was quite fast except for the part in the park where I was being extra careful to not twist my ankles or do something stupid.

Short course press [here]
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AOS Brederode lang (13/01/2022) AOS Brederode lang (13/01/2022)